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Online MBA International Programs One facet in the education world that is quietly growing is the online MBA International programs. When a business or a large corporation hires executives, one thing they look at, especially if they are a world wide company, is the International experience an employee has. Online MBA International programs aren't about learning a foreign language, but the customs, social structure and other aspects of doing business with another company in a distant land.

How to research online MBA International schools?
Finding the best online MBA International program in a school is just like finding any other program. Do they have a high success rate for graduates? Does the program have superior reviews from alumni? Does the online MBA International program have an...
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UT Knoxville Launches an EMBA in Healthcare Leadership

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville's College of Business Administration has announced that it will launch an Executive MBA program for Healthcare Leadership next year. The program is designed for a broad range of people who work in the healthcare industry, including nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, physician assistants, and researchers. The EMBA is one year long and combines distance learning with four one-week long residency sessions. One of the residency sessions will be a healthcare policy immersion trip in Washington DC. UT Knoxville also offers an EMBA specifically for practicing physicians. For more information, please see the UT Knoxville news release announcing the launch of the EMBA program in Healthcare Leadership. Photo:  Zereshk / Creative Commons

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